Fatet Dajaj – فتة دجاج


Fatet recipes use day old pita bread that is soaked in a special sauce and layered with a main ingredient  like chicken or eggplant. This recipe uses chicken and rice. In Palestine and across the Middle East, wasting bread is Haram, and these recipes are a way to use bread that has gone stale in a tasty dish. This is also an ideal recipe for leftover rice or roasted chicken.  Continue reading

Mejadara – مجدره


Mejadara is a filling, rich, rice and lentil dish, topped with caramelized onions, served with yogurt and/or salad. It’s a gluten free meal, and a great source of protein. Mejadara is well known all over the middle east and there are many different recipes. This is the one from my home town, Hebron (الخليل).

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