Baba ganoush – بابا غنوج


Baba ganoush is a smoky eggplant dip, made from roasted eggplant and tahini sauce. Broiling or grilling the eggplant gives it that smoky flavor. Light and healthy, baba ganoush tastes yummy when it’s fresh and better if it’s saved in the fridge for the next day’s lunch or snack.  In Palestine it’s often served with barbecue.  Continue reading

Betinjan Maqli – باذنجان مقلي


Betinjan maqli, or fried eggplant, is an easy, delicious, side dish of fried eggplant topped with parsley, garlic, and a hint of sumac. When preparing this dish I always double the amount of eggplant for my eggplant lovers; we never have leftovers!

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